My students built a wall.

Our dramatic play is an igloo.  To give the children a new building experience, I covered boxes in white paper in order for them to build their own “igloo”.  Today, they worked together to construct a wall stretching across the room and boxing them inside the dramatic play area.  “What a lovely wall that you built,” I started to say.  The words left an “ick” feeling in my gut.  I wanted to ask them to build something else, to build something that didn’t feel so ugly.  But, I didn’t.  They had cooperated with each other to build it, and to be honest, it looked great!  They had worked hard.  So, I watched them to see where this would go.

I’m glad that I did.  Whenever anyone wished to enter the area, the wall magically opened.  It was inclusive to all.  It made my heart happy.  Children are amazing.

I wish that adults would follow suit.

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