Crocodiles and Alligators! Oh my!

"Cubie" the Cuban Croc

This is a post about two of my friends, Susan and Dave.

I met Susan when we were in elementary school.  We went to the same bus stop and she had a big family (as far as I was concerned…there were three kids in her family (more when they had foster kids living there).  I was an only child.).  We came from an era where kids played outside (gasp).  We played outside.  A lot.  We made forts down by Hunter’s Lake, and would later go out in boats and explore its islands (her brothers burnt one down once, but we won’t get into that…lol).  We had fights over whom had control over thebig tree that had become our “clubhouse/tree house” (first we would make it our own, and then her brothers would try to kick us out and take it over).  We had sleep-overs and played tag in the dark.  We had a good friendship.  We developed other interests somewhat in our later high-school years, but I am happy that we have been able to meet up again in recent years.

Ah…teen years!  That’s me on the left.  Susan on the right.
Dave, I remember from high school.  Whereas Sue had more of a “polished” look (notice the polo and the perfectly feathered hair in the photograph above.  By the way, it used to totally piss me off that she could pull off the feathered thing.  My hair was way too straight and no amount of curling or hairspray would ever do the trick. …anyhoo….), Dave did not.  He was more into the punk crowd…well, as far as Spring Hill could go into a punk crowd (let me tell you, it sucked being stuck in Spring Hill in the 80’s and wanting to dye your hair all sorts of bright, funky colors…that kind of stuff was just not available.)  Anyway, at the time, I never would have thought of the two of them getting together.
I stole this from Susan's Eagles page. I'm assuming it's Dave's senior picture. Much more tame than I remember.

Well, they did get together.  We met up with them for the first time before they were married and had kids.  They lived in a little house in Spring Hill with some poison dart frogs and some sort of funky mammal things (can’t for the life of me remember what they were, but they were not your “normal” pets.  I wasn’t terribly surprised when I found out that they had moved onto some property in BFE with some crocodiles, alligators, Galapagos tortoises,  and other interesting critters.  We were lucky enough to meet up with them several times before we moved out of state.

Somewhere I have pictures of Anais feeding a crocodile, but it’s lost in my highly unorganized mass of digital photographs.

This last Christmas break was our first time back to Florida in 2 and a half years.  One of the kids’ (and mine) highlights was being able to visit Sue and Dave again.  It was wonderful to catch up…and to also see the critters.

Keegan and Griffin making their way to the enclosures.
Say "hello" to a gator.
More gators.
"Floppy Tail" the female Nile Croc. We were in the enclosure with this one. There was a male somewhere underwater, but we never did see him.
Another gator

They look so cute, don't they? Until they grow up and try to eat you. Haha.

We had a great time!  Can’t wait until the next visit!

In case anyone’s interested, here is a link to their website:

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  1. Susan Day says:

    Thanks for the great press Kristn! I think you’re getting the hang of the blog thing! Have fun with it…….

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