Army jeep + pasture = good times


I really need to play some catch up here.  I have several batches of pictures to share a week after they were taken.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My dad owns a restored Vietnam-era army jeep.  It’s pretty cool…and drivable.  Grandpa wanted to teach Lars how to drive stick in it, but since Lars doesn’t have his permit yet, he wouldn’t be able to drive on the street.  That’s where the pasture comes in.  Personally, I think that the jeep looks better in the pasture rather than the road.  It gives it a sort of “MASH”-ish feel to the experience.

Amazingly, Lars did much better than I had anticipated.

After awhile, it was Anais’ turn.  She is 18 and has her driver’s license (well, a temporary one anyway).  Grandpa actually taught her stick back when we lived in Florida.  It’s been a few years.

Grandpa giving Anais a refresher course.

"Can I have a turn?!!!!"

Grandma gives Keegan a ride around the pasture.

Cousin Ashley's turn at the wheel.

Waiting on the sidelines…

Drive #2.  This time with Grandma.


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