Happy Friday. Sure, sure it is.


Geez, 11 year-old boys are freaking bundles of joy.

15 minutes before the bus, he’s watching Duck Dynasty.
“Are you dressed yet?”
“Did you brush your hair?”
“Have you brushed your teeth?”

3 minutes later…
He returns with a “hopefully” clean shirt (can’t tell because it’s under his nasty jacket with pie stains from “pi day” that he refuses to give me to wash.  The pants, however…I know are dirty.
“You’re wearing dirty pants.”
“No.  These are clean.”
“No.  You wore them yesterday.”
“No, I had black pants on yesterday.”
“Then you wore them the day before.  I remember them from the pockets.”
“No.  These are clean.”
“Did you get them from your drawer?”
“Were they folded?”
“No, but they were in my room.”
“They are dirty.  Go change.”

He goes up and changes.  Comes back down.
“Did you make your lunch?”
Apparently, that’s a “no”.
“And you need to WASH your containers before you use them (he won’t if he can get away with it…gross).  You know what?  Forget it, just get new containers from the cupboard.”

Hugging him goodbye, I noticed his hair was pretty gross and there’s no way that he has actually brushed his teeth.


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