The Making of a Minecraft Lunch Bag

The Making of a Minecraft Lunch Bag

I need to be more than one person.  It would make life so much easier and free up some time.

A couple of years ago, Dean was unemployed.  I’m a preschool teacher.  We live in Northern Virginia.  Do the math.  Not good.  I tried to apply to places to gain secondary employment, but with my work schedule, I wasn’t in high demand.  I racked my brain trying to come up with ideas to help supplement our income.  What could I do to that people would pay me for?  Not too terribly much.  But, I can be crafty so I figured that I might be able to make something to sell.  I looked a bit online and found several patterns that I liked that I could get a license to sell.  I also wanted to stand out a bit, because…let’s face it, I had no clientele yet.  I also can’t stand doing what everyone else is doing.  I’m a rebel like that. Haha!

That’s when I found Spoonflower. Oh my god!  It’s a little pricey, but the variety and fun that can be found there!  Hot damn!  I was going to make something Doctor Who themed!  Hell, I might even make myself something Doctor Who themed!  Woo hoo!  Happy dance!

I opened my Esty store, “Just Kristn’s Shoppe”.

And then I realized that it was summer and school was right around the bend.  I had found a lunch bag pattern that I loved.  Maybe I could make something cute.  I should probably make my son one as well, since he didn’t have one.  I asked him what type of bag he would like and he replied, “Minecraft”.  What in the hell was this “Minecraft”?  I had no idea.  Did a search on Spoonflower and what do you know?  They had Minecraft fabric!  I couldn’t make heads or tails of it at the time, but whatever.  I bought some fabric.

The bag turned out really, really cool.

Keegan minecraftIt was such a hit with Keegan, I decided to make more.  At first, I was able to sell them to some friends, but business quickly picked up.  It picked up so much that I couldn’t keep up!  After a stressful pre-holiday when I bit off more than I could chew (and my dear hubby’s reintroduction into the workforce!), I slowed down…way down.

Now, I keep a list of interested persons and let them know when things become available.  It works out much better that way.

And for you folks that are interested, here’s what goes in to making one of these babies:

Patience.  You need lots of patience.  They are not too terribly hard to make, but man…they have a LOT of pieces!  We are talking fabric for the outside, fabric for the inside, insulbrite, netting, and interfacing.  Lots and lots of cutting things out.

DSC_0935So, yeah.  Give yourself plenty of time to cut things out.

Next up…adhering the interfacing!  I fucking hate adhering interfacing.  Just saying.  It bores me to tears.

DSC_0937Now, get some coffee.  After working on the bag for ages already, it is finally about time to head to to the sewing machine!

DSC_0938First, you sew the tops of the pockets, the handle, and the trim on the netting.  At this point, I generally sew the netting and back pocket on to the bigger pieces so I feel a little more accomplished.

And now, you really get started!  The side pockets get sewn to the outer gusset.  The front and back of the outer shell get sewn to that gusset piece as well.  One side of the handle becomes attached to the lunch bag shell.

On to the flap!

DSC_0940I usually baste the insulbrite to coordinating canvas piece to keep things from shifting.  Add a piece of velcro and the Creeper face, sew, and turn right side out.  Attach that bad boy to the back of the outer shell and pray that you’ve lined it up correctly.  Woo hoo!  We’re halfway there!

DSC_0941Pretty much repeat with the inner canvas and insulbrite.

DSC_0943Fit the inner into the outer so that you can figure out where to place the other velcro piece.  If need be, try to get the cat off of the table without getting scratched.  Optimus Prime may be cute, but she is a domineering little thing.

DSC_0946Finally, attach the inner to the outer, flip, sew around the top…and if you didn’t manage to break the sewing needle or screw something else up…it’s done!

DSC_0949Hot damn!  Thank God!  Someone get me a beer!  Seriously.  A beer is deserved after finishing one of these lovelies.

When you start to sew again, you may want to try something different…because, to be honest, one really cannot be expected to stare at green-tiled fabric for long periods of time without going insane.  Perhaps a Man on a Bag is in order? (If you are fast, you might be able to pick one up from my shop…



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  1. Samantha says:

    HI Kristn, I still haven’t figured out Etsy username & password:( I am going to try and sign up with a secondary email. I would still like to get Boris a Minecraft lunch bag. I will work on getting on Etsy tomorow so that I can order one. Samantha

    1. Kristn says:

      I think that you can sign in with Facebook, but I’m not sure if you can purchase without having a user name, etc. Let me know if you are still unable to get on. You can always just send me a check. I *think* that I may need to order some more fabric before I make anymore, but I have reports to write and conferences before I’m going to have a big chunk of time again.

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