For the record…


My name is Kristn. That would be K…r…i…s…t…n.

It is not…
Or any other spelling or variation.

It is just Kristn.

People spell my name out quickly, without really thinking about it. I usually ignore most common mistakes, but when you don’t even get the phonetic spelling…geesh.

I cannot spell my name out once to people. It needs to be repeated at least one time, often more. I have had to get my name changed on driver’s licenses and diplomas. I’m still waiting for the IT guy to fix it on my school’s server so that every email that I send out will stop saying “Kristin”.

Yes, I know. It’s “different”. I know, you’ve never seen it spelled that way before. I have the same conversation over and over and over.

So, yes. My name is Kristn. No, there aren’t any vowels near the end. Six little letters. No more. No less.

Thank you. You may continue on with your day.

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